Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What does the community say?

At Hacienda we take pride in our focus on both the environmental and social issues of the Galapagos. As one of the only organizations that addresses the problems of the people we want to be sure that the work we do is seen as an important contribution to the community. To better understand the community’s perspective on our projects we interviews two important community members. President of the community La Soledad, Nelson Francisco Sim BaƱo Ballesteros, said:
            “Personally, the Hacienda helps me through the exchange of ideas between the community and the volunteers. During the volunteer’s free time they interact with the community through dancing, soccer, and a little volleyball. These social interactions help us to learn English and how to socialize with people from outside our community. Our community has benefitted greatly from the Hacienda and the volunteers and we value their work.” 
President of the school in La Soledad, Angel Pallo, said:
“The Hacienda is the only form of help the farmers receive, and without the help of the volunteers the work that is being done would not be possible.”

We are very happy to know that our work is valued by the residents of La Soledad and are forever thankful to all of our volunteers for their dedication to bettering the community!

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